Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Road trip in Civilized Style

I was recently sent a DVD of a show in the US that is called the Duggars Roadtrip. This family has (as of last count) 17 children! No, really you read correctly. They are not a mixed, blended or otherwise adopted family. These people are all from one mother and one father. As I watched I could not begin to wrap my brain around the idea of so many people in one house all the time much less in ONE caravan filled with children, car seats, food and water. So they took a long road trip from Arkansas to California in a 'pimped out' Winnebago.

One of the things that kept going through my mind was "holy ship! not only do they all have to dress the same but they also have to travel with no style -that really stinks!" (I was saying this in French ;) So I started thinking IF I had a large family (the ONLY way this would ever happen is if I pulled an Angelina Jolie) I would NOT want to have to travel in that bland fuel eating monster. I was imaging something a little more civilized.

So I open my email today and I now have the answer to my hypothetical question. Isn't she a beauty?! Now this is the way to travel people! The South East Coachworks Company refurbishes old buses into temporary living quarters, play buses, presentation buses, etc. That is an ideal recycle/reuse in action!
I just get giddy with the idea of all the great photos you can get from the top deck! What I wouldn't give to have that little gem in front of the house for a birthday party (instead of indoors).

N.B. Big Mahalo to Glo and thanks to Beckie for answering my question with this sweet ride!

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