Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art Meets Children

Children meet art at the San Diego New Children's Museum and it is a wonderful interactive place to take the little ones. In my opinion art should be accessible to everyone and when I say accessible I mean hands on. There are lots of opportunities in this museum for you and the children to get into building, drawing or expressing themselves in all sorts of ways. This month they have rock climbing, jumping, a Trojan Horse, feel up a wall and all the clay you can sculpt. Go and explore! Then next door there is a pancake house for the little starving artists.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Easy Feedings

Forgive me for being on airplane mode for so long. I'm trying to get back to what I love -writing (while two little monkeys hang from my arms no less). So feeding time for the Little One has improved since I found Sprout Baby food -it is actually food I would serve at home and to everyone (if everyone were on a semi-liquid diet that is).Baked Sweet Potatoes & White Beans
Don't get me wrong I'm not that into pre-packaged food (G-d sometimes I wish I were). But, these little packets are so convenient when you are out and don't want to lug the glass containers around -like on airplanes!
Speaking of which, I also really like Plum Organics because they have a spout that the baby can suck out of instead of having a spoon -mine always think it is funny to take away the spoon and fling it at another passenger. Try them -they'll love it!