Monday, August 20, 2007

Airplane travel made easier

Who likes to carry a big awkward car seat on to an airplane? No one I know and that is why I am so happy that there is an alternative.
Here on European flights they give you a seat extender (the kind that bigger people get to attach to their seat belts) and expect you to attach it to your own and looped around baby. As you can imagine it isn't really a great option. So from America I ordered this great new seat belt from CARES (it is FAA approved too). It straps the baby in just as if it were a car seat belt and the set up time is less than one minute. There are both written instructions and a video. As you can see if folds up nice and small too -what a great invention!


Gloria said...

Whoa! I love that idea! Thanks for sharing that...we'll try it on our trip to Ohio.

Dayna said...

LOVE IT! Taking the munchkin to Mexico in NOV. She is too young to use it on this trip- but awesome to know for next time! Thanks- PS- do you think I am crazy taking a 5 month old for 8 days to puerto vallarta?

Alex said...

Dayna -I don't think it is crazy taking a 5 month old to PV. It will be loads of fun for all of you. Formula, cereal and baby food are all readily available at any Pharmacy and are of high quality (our little man had no problem). Though you'll have to search a little harder for those really nice thin diapers. But, if you don't mind the thicker ones there will be no problem. What is really nice is that culturally everyone loves children. Have a great time!