Friday, August 3, 2007

Vedes Munich Airport?

I have to say that one of my very favorite international airports is in Munich, Germany. Ever since my little man was born I've had a completely new view of airports. Gone are the days when I looked for the best Gin & Herring Bar (Amsterdam's Schiphol), the best Italian designer stuff (Milan's Malpensa) or the most competitively priced Brit stuff (Stansted). Now, I look for 2 things: big family/baby bathrooms and a good toy store. Munich has them both (not to mention free hot water by the Lufthansa boarding gates for the all important baby bottle making).
Everytime we have a connection through Munich I must admit I get a little excited. My first stop is to the pharmacy to pick up baby food and a mini aerosol water can (to keep baby's nose and skin stay humid which has helped to drastically cut down on colds and dry air). The next stop is VEDES. In this little shop you can find toys for every age and even for the picky toy loving adult in your life. Right now my little man is into the wooden Haba toys and the Selecta Spielzeug puzzles. The prices are also pretty good but when you're on your last nerve from a long flight the prices look REAL GOOD (not that I'm speaking from experience).
There is also a nice selection of quick eats. My favorite is the coffee and bread place called ARAN (Terminal 2, Level 05, behind security check). The soups and sandwiches are very satisfying and warm. As for drinks you have to love a place where they sell you the coffee (any style) AND the hard stuff. There is also an Organic Bistro there that I have yet to try.
FYI Schiphol is quickly going to topple Munich with its brand new "Babycare Lounge" that just opened July 24th. The Schiphol website touts,
parents can take care of their babies (in private), bathe them, feed them and/or allow them to sleep for a while in one of the seven bed cabins, which include comfortable seats for the parents
Have any of you checked it out yet? What do you think?

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