Monday, November 12, 2007

Sick of Chinese products

Another terrible story of bad or dangerous products coming from China are popping up daily. From date rape drug dots to salmonella laden food additives -when will this madness end?

I'll tell you when -when we stop buying cheap crap. Let's face it: the only reason most of us have this stuff is because the price is very attractive (even if the quality is dubious). We really need to start considering the longterm effects of buying cheap stuff from manufacturers who are looking to cut all corners -even at the risk of your child's health. So stop buying!

I can hear you already -"So what do we do now? Whittle our own toys?" That might not be such a bad idea after all. Did you know you can whittle a bar of soap? Also, if you go to a craft store there are millions of ideas for toys. Did you know that they sell clay that dries -you and your child can make your own actions figures/dolls/cars.

One of my fondest memories from childhood is when I made a doll house from a cardboard box -with an attached shoe box garage too! It is about time we start using our imaginations -show your children that things can be made instead of bought. This lesson will serve them well later in life after all not all things worth having are purchased.


Lewis said...

My wife and I totally agree! My family and I (we have two daughters) have boycotted all Chinese made toys. This means certain "Ponies" and beloved dolls will have to come from somewhere else, however, much as you have stated we are a craft store family so we don't see much down side to this decision.

Until China gets some oversight into place and proves it's ability to produce quality products, we won't be coming back for more anytime soon.

Alex said...

Good for you! Also have you tried checking out Etsy? They have a lot of handmade toys -very cute!

So I'm also wondering why we haven't heard anything from the Italian gov't or the EU about all of these Chinese toys -who's watching out??

KC said...

I agree completely. I prefer to have fewer things of higher and reliable quality. My niece and nephews have tons of crappy toys that they never play with anyway- what was the point of buying them in the first place?

Thanks for the tip about Etsy!

pat said...

Made in America.--unfortunately a lot of the parts for toys made in America were made in China. So when you buy a toy that says made in USA you also have to think twice about if you want tit or not. Maybe it's time to buy another kind of present like books.