Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ooo la la... Little Man's Paris wishes

Paris seems to be a paradise of shopping. I found some very nice things for the Little Man -take a look:

This is an awesome bookshelf that doubles as a good house or garage for all those lost toys

If I had seen this cute crib when Little Man was smaller I definitely would have snagged it (look at the heart border)
This big and little chair set would look very good for a reading room and at 99 Euro it is a bargain!
I've got more to post for tomorrow -stay tuned!


Weef! said...

Hi! Love your blog! I'm going to be in Paris in May with my daughter (who will be 11 months by then...) and was wondering where this *wonderful* chair was? Also, random question-- how bad is the changing-table situation in bathrooms in Paris? Given what you said about Parisians potty training at 4 months, I have a very bad feeling about it! Any advice would be great!! Thanks :)

Alex said...

Hi there and thank you for the compliment!
This wonderful chair can be found at the Maisons du Monde in Forum des Halles.
Address: Bounded by Rues Rambuteau, Berger, Lescot
Directions: 1er arrondissement Connects to the Chatelet (M├ętro) and Chatelet Les Halles (RER) stations

As far as the baby changing -it isn't bad really except for at the Louvre. There you must be prepared to improvise. As long as you are in a larger commercial area changing tables aren't difficult to find.

If you happen upon this wonderful little chair --will you buy me one too?? Since moving here to the States I've been looking for one similar (I didn't think it would be impossible). I just haven't been happy with what passes over here as a child's chair.

Have fun!!