Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Women of Italy: Hands Off! It's all Mine!

So I've been wondering what cool thing I'd write about next (aka procrastination). Until this afternoon. This is not a cool subject it is a warning. For the umpteenth time I got felt up today by another woman! Women of the world be warned: when you come to the Mediterranean and if they know you are:
  • pregnant
  • going to be pregnant
  • used to be pregnant and could possibly still be breastfeeding
  • looking for a bra
  • or just browsing for shirts
  • female
You could be accosted by the little hands that grab your boobs (and I'm not talking about small children either!). Yes, middle aged women around here seem to zoom in on your boobs when you are least expecting it. Today I was at the beauty salon and out of nowhere the technician asks, "are you pregnant?" and quick as lighting she's grabbed my breast! If I had half a second I would have grabbed those hands and twisted them behind her back...errr......

As you can guess this happens fairly frequently and that is why they are so good at the hit-and-run. This type of unwelcome and unsolicited touching has happened at department stores, pharmacies (oh, you have mastitis let me see), markets, outside your home as your trying to dodge neighbors and now beauty salons.

Oh and by the way, when your pregnant, apparently, it is good luck to rub, touch or poke a pregnant woman's belly. You've been warned.


Lewis said...

This is a good warning :) I will be sure to let my poor wife know.

KC said...

Thanks for the warning. I haven't experienced the breast grab yet, but I have had the belly rubbed. One of my husband's female relatives did lift up my shirt, but I think she just wanted a look at the belly. I gave her a piece of my mind after that episode. She hasn't dared a rub since. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

does this mean you are prego again?

Alex said...

No! and hands off the boobs!

Alex said...

Lewis -
If you could figure out a way to make a bra that would send a shock to these uninvited hands -I would pay you a lot!

I'm glad I could offer you this little public service announcement. One of the surprise feel-ups actually came from the Pharmacist(!) -making sure that the mastitus really hurt?!!! Make sure you are able to block these advances (don't carry too many bags). GL!

Aren't you fresh?! I should have asked you name first!