Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is your little dracula teething much?

I have to admit I think I've tried everything for the crazy teething times including:
  1. over the counter teething gels -I'm not too fond of giving the chemical cocktail nor of having to put my fingers in the little bitters mouth --ouch!
  2. gripe water -good for the upset stomach that comes from so much drool
  3. amber -not too helpful but looks cute
  4. ibuprofen -good for night time use (both yours and theirs)
  5. frozen teething toys -what a waste of money! I had better luck with frozen waffle that he could eat instead of finding it on the floor somewhere. Frozen blueberries were a hit too.
  6. teething cookies -after about the third one the Little Man didn't even want to look at another and after having tried it myself I know why
  7. homeopathic teething tablets -works for about 20 minutes and then it wears off quickly

The thing that was most successful both on the road and at home was: Sofie! She's a giraffe native to France, where she is a childhood icon and staple. These days she's made of some sort of silicone material that kids can bite to death (well so to speak). She also makes a cool squeek if you need to catch a crying baby's attention. Sofie also cleans up pretty well with a little warm water and soap -she gets bath time with the Little Man and when I'm not careful I see Little Dog cuddling up to her too.

Did I miss any remedies that you've had experience with?


Gloria said...

Hiya, Alex. Layla grinds her teeth. Have you heard of babies grinding their teeth? She might as well scratch her nails on a chalk is so annoying.

Alex said...

Yes and it is very common. They tend to grind their teeth because it is a new sensation and the teeth are still in the setting in stage. However, if it is too severe I would see a pediatric dentist. One home remedy that works around here (for a mild case)is chamomile tea before bedtime -very relaxing.