Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you live in the US: you MUST DO this

My friend Gloria has just alerted me to this and I believe that stopping child exploitation and sexual abuse is a very important issue. There is a bill called the Protect Our Children Act that will help fund the technology that already exists that will aid in finding and arresting these criminals who are profiting and abusing children.

This is the testimony of Grier Weeks, Executive Director, National Association to Protect Children before the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary on April 16, 2008:
The maps you are seeing today of domestic child pornography trafficking are not simply visuals depicting illegal Internet activity. Nor do they simply tell us where the criminals are. These are rescue maps. Law enforcement is now providing you with information that can lead authorities, very predictably, to tens of thousands of locations within the United States where children are in immediate danger and waiting for help.

That is because while all of these suspects are contributing to a massive black market that commissions the rape of children, a certain percentage are also directly sexually assaulting children themselves. Law enforcement has consistently estimated that somewhere between 30-40% of arrests for child pornography possession turn up evidence of local child victims.
We all need to come together and let your Senator know that you support this bill. Write or call your Senator NOW. To find out where to write or call follow the link below:

And if you don't know what to write Oprah has a great form letter you can personalize here:

Hurry -they are voting on it this month!


Gloria said...

I am shocked that no one has made any comments regarding this entry. I am curious as to what people are thinking...

Alex said...

Gloria -I know I'm a bit shocked too that no one has commented!

What is everyone thinking??

Gloria said...

If it were my baby being raped and molested I would want society to do everything in their power to put that pedophile behind bars forever. What they are doing to newborns is disgusting. I'll stop here.

Gloria said...

Here is an update regarding Senate Bill 1738, the Protect our Children Act. Yesterday on her show she said, "Last night, in the midst of this economic crisis, Senate Bill 1738, the PROTECT Our Children Act, passed the Senate," Oprah says. "Thank you to the 60 senators—Republican and Democrat—who co-sponsored the bill. … All of you proved that the people can really make a difference."


Alex said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -to Gloria and to all of you who wrote or called in. It is nice to see that we can come together to protect our children! Well done!