Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby's First Bento Box

Well, it was inevitable --the Little Man has started school. He is now in pre-school (where has the time gone?!). So I've really been wondering what to do about his packed lunches until I got inspiration from the Vegan Lunchbox. She serves up some amazing lunches which have inspired me to use a Bento Box too.
So when I was driving around San Diego I noticed a Japanese store. Well, I should say it was a total Japanese emporium complex and I'm in love with it! So baby's first Bento Box came from their dollar store -isn't it cute?!

Let me explain the pieces. The yellow boxes with that white cover all go together to form one tiered lunch box that is held together by that little elastic belt with the car, fork with holder, the lucky napkin and finally the little red cloth bag that holds it all.


Gloria said...

So cool! That brings back fond memories when I was growing up. I wish we had a store like that in the cities.

Mary said...

Your Little Man is the envy of the lunch box set.

Where is this Emporium of Cute again? I completely forgot where you said it was...

Alex said...

Gloria -keep an eye out the one I go to just had their grand opening not too long ago!

Mary -I just went there today and Finally picked up a card for the EXACT address:
8111 Balboa Ave
they have a website too:
(but that's mainly in Japanese)

I also checked out another Japanese store in the 'hood (it has been around a lot longer)
Mitsuwa Market Place
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd
They have a really big book store with lots of anime etc. -you may want to check it out! However, they are more expensive (grocery and dish wise) than Marukai. Happy shopping!

Mary said...

Thank you thank you!

And I found something that may interest you:

Citizen Video
2207 Fern Street
(in North Park, near the intersection of 30th and Juniper - 30th becomes Fern)

Their selection of anime is very very small, but they do have a handful. They specialize in independent and foreign (mostly non-anime) films. There are several types of membership. Since I don't live nearby, I chose the one that's $15 a month for unlimited rentals, no late fees.

Alex said...

That is so cool! Thank you -maybe we should start a running list of cool places in San Diego!