Sunday, January 27, 2008

Neglected Baby

It has been a bit since I've last posted because of our horrendous move across the pond and country, but I'm back! I'll open this season with the latest "sippy" cup that my friend at Table Bread has alerted me to. Besides looking really cool and being durable it ranks high on my list because it doesn't have that ubiquitous plastic mouth piece have a lot of doctors in Europe calling for a ban. The plastics that they do use are certified free of Bisphenol A, phthalates and DEHA. I've ordered mine so we will see how they are.
Do you have one of these cups or one that you swear by? Leave me a comment!

UPDATE: Well I finally got it and I'm a little disappointed. The spout is like any other hard "sippy" cup and the top is difficult to screw on which could spell disaster in your bag. For those of you who like putting juice in the cups they warn that pulpy juices might not be a good idea. On the plus side it is very easy to clean and the "plug" is a good size so it won't float off into the drain. Over all I give it a 3 sippy cup rating out of 5.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: The spout issue got worse, the water tasted funny and in the end I got so frustrated I tossed them -it was crap. Save your money.

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Tablebread said...

Wow - thanks for the testing update on these! Sorry to hear the end result was so disastrous.