Monday, December 31, 2007

For the Hate of Diaper Bags

I have an abnormal fear of diaper bags. When I was pregnant with Little Man I shopped around everywhere for something that didn't have that obnoxious padding, bears and pastel. I didn't have much luck. The only options were those type and the $200+ designer bags. It is bad enough to try and look stylish when your pregnant but then to be hit over the head with the diaper bag was just the last straw for me.

So my solution was to go ahead and spend the big bucks -on myself! I bought what a wise old friend of mine once called the "mom bag": a Cadillac with handles if you will. So every year my gift to myself and my Little Man is a stylish real purse (big enough to carry my stuff and his).

Take a look at my latest lusting (I found it in a recent Paris mag):

So, I think we need a little contest here: who among you has the ugliest bag?? Leave me a comment and/or email me your fugly!


Gloria said...

Ok, that is a HOT bag. And I love the fact that it's red. I'll have to wait until the girls are out of college before I can splurge on a gorgeous bag like that. Humph!

Alex said...

I know --isn't it?! I'm saving up my pennies for that one. But, the way the dollar is going in the potty I might be saving for a LOOOONG time!

jenlaceda said...

great bag! i have tried many diaper bags at different stages of my daughter's life (she's 1 this month). my fave for the infant stage(when i literally had to carry everything) was Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. then i got tired of lugging a mini luggage. now that she's older, i carry hers and my stuff in a Louis Vuitton Batignolles bag (the biggest). i justified the purchase to my husband by pointing out that my breastfeeding saved us thousands of dollars in formula.

Alex said...

LOL, I like the way you think and I think i pulled the same one on my husband when we were in Paris! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!